about us

Who We Are

Sahasrar Design Academy is an institution founded by three enthusiastic academicians and practitioners with the objective of providing art, design and Computer Aided Design education in an environment of creativity to maximize the individual’s creative potential. The Sahasrar Design Academy also manages it’s online courses for wider accessibility of the aspirants residing in cities or villages across the country. 

Our Mission & Vision

Sahasrar’s mission is expedited by its organisational structure – a “community of learners” comprising industry-experienced faculty and energetic students who regularly explore and experiment with art and design pedagogy, aesthetics, values and innovative practices. We believe that education is beyond instruction and skill that knowledge is inherently integrated and complicated and hence, learning should be embedded in real-world issues and situations. We consider extending education beyond the restrictions it ought to be absorbent and porous authorising students to figure at the extent of the road and also the market and to explore and experiment with the textures of the rural and also the urban.

Our Approach

Sahasrar’s culture encourages thinking, questioning and experimenting to harness the inventive and intellectual potential of every individual and place the academy at the forefront of up to date art and design discourse. A multi-disciplinary approach inculcates self-initiated learning and independent thinking and expands perceptual views. Regular interaction with professionals forms a significant bridge between Sahasrar and therefore the world. Sahasrar design Academy incorporates a robust indigenous cultural grounding within the teaching of the visual arts and additionally provides a study programme comparable to reputed institutions across the globe.